How To Get FREE Credit From Check-In on Live Psychic Chat App

World’s #1 fastest growing psychic app Live Psychic Chat offers various ways to earn Free Credits. In this post I’m going to explain how to earn FREE credit from just check-ins on regular basis.

Check-in & Earn Credit Availability

This feature is only available on Live Psychic Chat iPhone App and Android App. It is not available on Live Psychic Chat Web app.

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How Much You Can Get From Check-In

Each check-in is worth 1 cent ($0.01).

Earn Free Credit From Check-In

On iPhone or Android App, login and go to More -> Earn Cash & Free Credit -> Check-in & Earn Credit menu

More Menu
Earn Cash & Free Credit Menu
Check In & Earn Credit

On Check-in & Earn Credit Menu click on Check In button. It will show progress alert for few seconds and then the check-in process will complete. After the completion you will automatically earn free credit.

Check In is in progress
Check-In completed

How To Convert Check-In Credit Into Cash Credit

The checked-in credit is not yet available to use towards getting reading. You have to convert check-in credit into cash by clicking on Redeem button which will automatically convert Check-in credit into cash credit. You can see your balance from Credit menu at the bottom


Check-In Frequency

Check-in frequency is hourly, so you can check-in every hour to earn $0.01 free credit.


There are no limitations on how many times you can check-in.


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