How To Identify The Real Difference Between A Psychic And A Medium

There are many dimensions beyond the supernatural world. These dimensions need substantial expertise to carry out a definite subject and on-point outcomes. As well as the difference between a psychic and a medium, each of these entities has its own scope and field that they can distinctly tackle subject to their expertise, knowledge, and skill. If you are interested to inquire beyond the depths of existence and the spiritual and supernatural world, knowing the differences and identifying the distinctiveness of a medium and a psychic is important.

Difference between psychic and medium


You may have heard about “psychic medium”, but there is still a fine line between these two that literally and completely separates the two entities according to their abilities and level of faculty. The psychics are the ones known for their capacities to inquire on the matters of your personal soul, spiritual guidance, and divine journey. Psychics are individuals that can access the deep parts of human dimensions through communications, imaginations, visualizations, manifestations, or readings. Psychics, as part of nature also need natural elements such as stones and gems, smoke, water, writings, tarot cards, crystals, and even body parts to connect to the supernatural dimensions of the universe. The psychic is a person who clearly claims that they are able to establish a space to connect between the possibilities and reality. These abilities of the psychic cannot be explained by science, nor the element of energy that they use as variables to connect to the supernatural dimension. Furthermore, a psychic can see the past, present, and future which adds to the confusion of science.

With regards to the fact that the psychic’s abilities cannot be defined by science, it is probably beyond the material elements of the world. The power might be associated with their mental and psychological state to grasp further into the surface of the material normality. The abilities of these individuals are applied through reading cards, crystal balls, and influencing objects. The scope of a psychic is to predict, tell, and feel any affiliations of an existing or emerging journey. This explanation might mean that these clairvoyants have extraordinary sensory abilities compared to normal humans. They possess a stronger condition that takes them to a different universal feature past the usual sensory experiences perceived by an ordinary person. The senses may even include sight, smell, touch, sound, taste, and a special vision as the extra sense.


A medium may not be more popular because there are only seldom mediums in the world than psychics. There is a greater power that subsides with a medium than of a psychic’s abilities of the senses and the mind. The scope of a medium is more spiritual and supernatural because it can cater, involve, and participate in any non-worldly activities beyond perceiving, feeling, and seeing undefined things. Furthermore, the medium is a person who clearly claims that they are able to establish communication between the living and the dead, as they can also even thrive in the worlds of the non-humans. Beyond what psychics can do, mediums have the skill to do a technique called channeling. Channeling is an ability where a medium can alter, change, impart, or contribute actions to arrive at a particular state.

Some examples of the mediums’ particular potentiality are the procedures where the medium can allow a spirit to be conveyed by a living body so it could deliver a message. This channeling activity is called “Tranche”, which is very crucial which needs sufficient expertise and supervision by a seasoned performer. Another procedure called the “Light Mediumship” is where a medium is able to make the spirit infest a body and take control of it while being conscious about the spirit’s infestation. Moreover, the medium can also read a spirit’s presence and activity on the surface of the earth than just communicating with it. Science or technology is still not able to arrive at a finding or conclusion of the specific variables which mediums possess to perform channeling.

The clear division With all of these explanations, descriptions, and elaborations of a psychic and a medium, it is clearly defined that there is a significant deviation to what a psychic and a medium can do. Mediums can also be considered psychics because they can perform a task that science could also not expound but at a much higher level. Mediums have the power to create a situation where they can be involved and become part of the incidents out of their humanistic territory. While for psychics, they are limited to inquiry and knowledge without encountering the actual experience inside the non-worldly dimensions.


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